Introducing the


Imagine this

You sit down with your son or daughter as they are about to finish school.

“Son, you have dreamed about becoming an Engineer since primary school. Today your dream will come true. We will send you to the best Engineering university in the country.”,

“Daughter, your love for all things Science is infectious. We love you so much & want you to follow your dream job of becoming a Physicist“

“Our master-chef son. We will send you to France for the best culinary education you can get.”

And then comes the kicker. “Best of all. We are paying for all your tuition fees, accommodation & meals. All of it. And it will place no financial burden on us”

You do not have to be perfect to give your child a stress-free, fully paid for tertiary education. This guide will show you how.

What this guide is about

This guide will show you a step-by-step system, which any parent will be able to follow. By the end of this book, you will know how much tertiary education will cost in the future; how much you need to save at each life-stage and you will have an automated investment strategy done and dusted.

Chapter 1

We look at local and international universities. Their tuition fees now & in the future.

Chapter 2

What is your number? We figure out how much you need to save monthly to send them to university stress free.

Chapter 3

You will open an investment account (with as little as R500) and use a set-and-forget automated child education investment strategy.

Chapter 4

Some important - what not to do lessons. We discuss Home loans and TFSAs.