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Hi, I am Walter. I am husband and father. I am planning to become completely debt free before my kids go to school.

I am the creator of The 🔥 Braai Index © &  😱 The RA Horror Show. I also started this site, along with, end of 2019. On this site, I share some of my own research - best RAs, best JSE stock brokers- as well as thoughts on investing and personal finance. A lot of the material I share is interactive. So you can use my calculations & apply it to your own situation.

Warning: If you 💗 Old Mutual; Sanlam or Liberty, you will hate me! Good-bye 👋


- Retirement Annuities. Here are the most cost effective RA solutions in SA
- JSE Stock Brokers. Brokerage & total trading costs ranked. Includes a brokerage calculator & personal TIC calculator.
- Best Fixed Deposits. SA's fixed deposits compared and ranked. Hosted at

Interactive Guides

Here are some of the more popular guides I have written.
- Ultimate Guide To Retirement Annuities. Should I contribute to an RA? If so, how much?
- A mini-guide to RSA Retail Bonds. What are they? How do they compare to fixed deposits?
- Work, work, work and retire after 80.. Your fees analysed
- Should I move my RA if moving entails huge fees? Sanlam, Old Mutual, Liberty often charge penalties before you can move. Does it still make sense?
- Saving for my Child's Education(in progress)


- A financial independence calculator for South Africans.. When can I be financial independent?
- Home Loan Calculator - Additional Payments. How much earlier can you pay off your home loan by paying in an additional R500, R1000?
- Home Loan Calculator - Lower Rates. What impact do lower interest rates have on your existing home loan.


- My email address is Give me feedback. Got a question? Or want to complain about your Sanlam advisor? I love getting mails.
- You can also find me on Twitter. @ratecompare